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 nqs4px - inside_the_black - 2018/07/21(Sat) 08:53 No.6774828   
г roo I've never experienced surf that big, fast and furious!
Matt When we went to France last year the phone switched between three French networks according to which signal was available. Why can't we get a similar capability here?
г г Do the Tawy, it's fantastic. If there is to much water just do the lower bit. I reckon it's a great idea to have the gauge numbers all collected on this site....reduce those journeys to Wales to look at dry ditches.
I think you are suggesting a river leader award and an associated coaching scheme. What would you include in the silly-bus? Steve,
but id only want about 12sets at a time, that would last me a year of river running
Happy paddlin' г г
Somehow Chelsea and Caving don't seem to go together (especially when you live in Wales :) )


 6gt4wr - m4ri4n - 2018/07/21(Sat) 08:53 No.6774827   
г ж° Personally I've been on about 3 trips down the Ure with the club, all at really low levels. However, I think I'll be scouting the weir every time from now on.
г Why is Wales so popular? Good question - as Anne Robinson.
All of the boats you've mentioned play well and run rivers well in the right hands. I'd think about the type of paddling you'll be doing; a shorter boat like an Sub-7 might be better for lower-volume rivers with smaller playspots, a Glide better for one with bigger-volume playspots. Hi there,
Cheers, Would a 40 gallon boat be suitable for a 6ft, 83kg paddler? ;-) г
Edited by: santobugito at: 1/16/02 11:51:17 am Dom c

I used to wear glasses, but after hitting a stopper sideways on the Tees due to fogged up glasses, I decided to go for contacts. I started off with Boots contacts, which were really good, but expensive. I now use specsavers ones, which are cheaper. Well here it is - bald, old and going backwards - still you can't see the bald spot and the visor hides the wrinkles.

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 yvg136 - ThomasFar - 2018/07/21(Sat) 08:52 No.6774825   
いします,, いし

 vkpna509 - fkowl163 - 2018/07/21(Sat) 08:52 No.6774824   
RWUM * DIKP;board=42.0;board=16.0;board=42.0;board=7.0;board=3.0,

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